TSS is being upgraded with new and enhanced features to improve its service and provide more options for traders moving goods between GB and NI.

Among the new features are:

  • You can clear freight movements through inventory linked ports – you’ll be able to clear maritime (sea) freight movements that have arrived at inventory linked locations within Northern Ireland using TSS.
    TSS will allow you to claim your inventory linked cargo at Belfast and Warrenpoint through our TSS portal, while our contact centre agents will provide assistance for inventory records at Foyle Port.
    Please refer to the ILP guide for further details
  • Use TSS as a customs agent or intermediary – if you are a customs agent or intermediary who provides services to traders, you will be able to use TSS more easily to submit declarations and facilitate payments on your customer’s behalf.
    You’ll be able to register for a new profile type that designates you as a customs agent or intermediary. If you already have an existing profile on TSS you can convert it into the new customs agent profile.
    Traders will then be able to authorise you to represent them on the service to create, edit and submit declarations and facilitate their payments.
    Please refer to the Agents & Intermediaries Handbook for further details
  • Changes to TSS API – the TSS API functionality currently matches what’s on the TSS Portal, so it can be used for entry summary and security (ENS) declarations, supplementary declarations, and full frontier declarations (FFD).
    The TSS API will now also enable agents and intermediaries to represent multiple traders through the service.
    If you think the API might be able to support your business, please refer to the API guide for further details and raise a case on the TSS portal to speak to a member of the API team.