In the 50th edition of our bulletin we looked at the benefits of being authorised for the UK
Trader Scheme (UKTS) and how to apply.

To be authorised to use the codes for not ‘at risk’ goods movements it’s important to have
your UKTS authorisation number recorded in your TSS profile.

Adding your UKTS authorisation number to your TSS profile is easy:

  • When you receive your UKTS authorisation letter you will be given a UKTS
    authorisation number
  • It is important to make sure that this number is updated in your company profile in
    the TSS portal
  • You can find guidance on adding your UKTS authorisation number to your TSS
    account in our registration guide

If you have not yet applied for the UKTS, remember that applications can take up to four
weeks to be processed, so make sure you apply early to ensure you are able to benefit from
the scheme.

For more information on the UK Trader Scheme including eligibility criteria and how to apply
please review this guidance.