If you are a customs agent or intermediary who provides services to traders, TSS will soon enable you to complete declarations and make payments on your customer’s behalf.

How will it work?

  • If you are new to TSS, you can register for a new profile type which will designate you as a customs agent or intermediary
  • If you are already a TSS user, there will be a simple process to follow to convert your existing profile into a customs agent profile
  • Agents and intermediaries will be able to act on behalf of multiple traders
  • Your traders will be able to authorise you to represent them on TSS to create, edit, and submit declarations, as well as making payments on their behalf
    • Note: Your trader must also be a registered user of TSS. If you intend to use TSS for your shipments from RoW to NI, you may wish to contact your traders now about registering for a TSS account, if they do not already have one
  • Agents and intermediaries should arrange to have commercial agreements in place with their traders
  • Traders are advised to authorise their agent or intermediary via a letter of representation