Customs agents (also referred to as agents and intermediaries) will soon be able to use their own methods of payment (MoPs) when paying duty and other charges arising from the declarations that they submit in TSS on their traders’ behalf for goods moving into Northern Ireland (NI)

These methods of payment (MoP) include:

• Their own Duty Deferment Account (DDA)
• CDS Cash Account
• Bank account (to make immediate payment by electronic credit transfer)

To use this, customs agents must first ensure that:

• their DDAs are authorised for making duty payments for goods movements into NI
• they are supported by a Customs Comprehensive Guarantee (CCG)
• they have correctly completed the related data fields on their TSS company profile as described in this guide on supplementary declarations for traders and the handbook for customs agents and intermediaries on NICTA
• they must follow the instructions (the same as for traders) when activating their MOPs on the TSS portal
• whilst also granting standing authority to TSS to use their DDA and CDS Cash accounts in CDS via their CDS Financial Dashboard