New GVMS visual guide

Please ensure you are using the correct declaration references when obtaining your GMR on GVMS. Do not use references beginning with: ENS, SFD, DEC. These are your email IDs for TSS and will not work with GVMS.

The correct process, options and data have now been summarised in a new step-by-step checklist downloadable here.

Even if you have completed a GVMS process successfully before, we advise that you review this short document to ensure you are up-to-date with the right procedure.

TSS does not support with transit declarations for goods moving from GB into NI.

However, if you are moving goods under the Common Transit Convention, select ‘transit declaration’ and provide your Transit Accompanying Document (TAD) MRN. This number will begin ’21’ and be followed by the country and office code of your Office of Departure where the transit movement was started. You will also need to enter your ENS (Safety & Security) declaration for each consignment – this is the number from the TSS confirmation email beginning with ‘21XI’.

It is important to note that without a GMR, ferry operators will not allow your goods to board the vessel. Using the correct references in GVMS acts as the ferry operators’ confirmation of the GMR and triggers TSS to begin the supplementary declaration process with your trader.

If you are moving goods using GVMS on another route, for example from Ireland into Great Britain, then please read the GVMS guidance on GOV.UK here to find out when a GMR is required.