TSS has been upgraded with new and enhanced features, improving the service and expanding the options available to traders.

This includes providing a greater range of options for traders using TSS to submit full frontier declarations (FFD). It is now possible to submit an FFD for goods that are already in Northern Ireland, opening new routes and customs procedures in TSS.

Updates include:

  • Enabling inventory-linking – TSS now supports movements by air into inventory-linked ports (ILPs) from countries outside the UK, as well as from GB locations, opening the TSS service to new customers. All ILP movements will require the use of FFDs
  • Supporting further customs procedures – TSS now allows declarations for an expanded list of procedures and special procedures, including customs and excise warehousing, inward processing, and temporary admissions. It also provides more options for traders applying to use Returned Goods Relief
  • New payments options – it is now possible to pay security deposits, if required, for FFD movements (for example, if bringing goods into Northern Ireland under the Temporary Admissions procedure), using either your own duty deferment account (DDA), or the Customs Declaration Service (CDS) cash account. It is also now possible to pay duties using electronic credit transfer or immediate payment by cash account, rather than by using your personal or corporate credit card. It is possible to set your preference for payments within your registration information on the TSS portal