If you are not already authorised for the UK Trader Scheme (UKTS), you should consider applying. Authorisation for the UK Trader scheme allows you to declare your goods not ‘at risk’ of entering the EU and to not pay EU import duty.

To review the eligibility criteria, and to make an application, visit the UK Trader Scheme page on gov.uk. It’s recommended that you allow enough time for the application process and apply at least a month before you intend to move your goods.

Some key points are:

  •  You are moving goods from Great Britain to Northern Ireland, your goods are for sale to or use by end consumers located in the United Kingdom
  •  You can demonstrate that your goods are:
    • Are ‘not at risk’ of moving to the EU by being able to show records, systems, controls and evidence of your GB to NI movements not at risk
    •  Are for sale to, or provided for final use by, end consumers located in the UK
  •  You meet the qualification criteria for the scheme

For a full list of requirements for processing and how to apply click here – always refer to gov.uk guidance.