The TSS Assisted Completion Service provides support for traders submitting Supplementary Declarations using the TSS Portal.

What is the service?

 With the Assisted Completion Service, a TSS agent will complete up to five Supplementary Declarations a month on your behalf  for goods movements from Great Britain (GB) to Northern Ireland (NI). This includes all data submission on the TSS Portal and help with resolution of any errors.

What are the benefits of this service?

 The Assisted Completion Service will help you save time and effort as a dedicated TSS agent will help you by

  • Organising and validating data required
  • Completing all data entry for the Supplementary Declaration on the TSS Portal
  • Identifying the cause and resolving any errors

The service can be especially valuable if you:

  • Only make a small number of movements a month; the service can help support with all (or almost all) of your Supplementary Declarations
  • Want help with technically complex Supplementary Declarations (e.g., declarations with many goods items or movements of controlled goods)
  • Are new to TSS and unfamiliar with the declaration requirements or terms

Traders already using the service describe it as “Hassle Free”, “Quick”, “Straight Forward”, and “Very Helpful”.

How can I take advantage of the service?

You can ask for support from the Assisted Completion Service for directly on the TSS Portal by selecting the Assisted Completion button at the top of your Supplementary Declaration.

You can also call the TSS Contact Centre on 0800 060 8888 for support or to request the Assisted Completion Service.

Once request, a TSS agent will be in touch by raising a ‘case’ for you on the TSS Portal to request the information required to complete the Supplementary Declaration on your behalf. This information is usually all found on the Commercial Invoice and the Packing Slip for the transported goods, which can be requested from the supplier.

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