The new Assisted Completion Service has now launched on the TSS Portal! So far, 43 traders have requested assistance for 57 Supplementary Declarations and one trader has had two Supplementary Declarations completed. Traders have described the service as ‘great. Hassle Free, Quick. Straight Forward. Very Helpful. Saves Confusion’ and say that they are ‘completely satisfied with the service’.

You can take advantage of the service by selecting the Assisted Completion button at the top of your Supplementary Declaration or by calling the TSS Contact Centre on 0800 060 8888. 

The service provides support for traders submitting Supplementary Declarations for goods movements from Great Britain (GB) to Northern Ireland (NI), either direct or via Ireland. You can use the service for:

  • Support with the completion of up to 5 Supplementary Declarations per month
  • Supplementary Declarations with a Tax Point Date under 330 days old 
  • Supplementary Declarations not using an agent or intermediary 

Please note, the standard deadline for submitting Supplementary Declarations still applies for declarations completed using this new service. 

See the Assisted Completion Service guide for a more in-depth overview and step-by-step guidance. For any questions, please contact the TSS Contact Centre on 0800 060 8888.

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