TSS has been upgraded with new and enhanced features to provide more options for traders moving goods into and out of Northern Ireland. Check out the TSS Portal to see these updates. 

The new features on the TSS Portal include: 

  1. Launch of the Assisted Completion Service. Please see full details in the article below.
  2. Improvements to the user experience for making declarations for maritime goods movements, including introduction of the ability to request amalgamations for declarations submitted into inventory linked ports directly in the portal (rather than via a call/case).
  3. TSS will now automatically generate a Final Supplementary Declaration on your behalf (which is part of the customs declaration requirement for movements into Northern Ireland). No action is required from you other than the submission of your Supplementary Declarations by the standard deadline. See gov.uk for more information.
  4. In addition, in response to your feedback, we’ve completed several enhancements to the support we provide to prevent and resolve errors:
    • Error prevention: The portal will warn you if you try to submit a declaration and have left key fields blank (i.e. ‘Document Codes’ and ‘Commodity Codes’)
    • Improved information: The emails you receive about errors relating to document codes or other relevant tariff requirements will now include information about exactly which goods line items are causing the error 

 Note: There is a new submission deadline for Supplementary Declarations

From Sunday 19 June 2022, the deadline for the submission of Supplementary Declarations is now 9pm on the fourth working day of the month following the goods movement. This is three hours earlier than the previous deadline of midnight on the same day. 

Any Supplementary Declaration made in June will need to be submitted by 9pm on 6 July. Please note, any Supplementary Declarations submitted after the 9pm deadline will be reported as late on the Final Supplementary Declaration report submitted to HMRC for that month. 

The new features on NICTA include: 

  1. New guides
    • Document codes: This new guide gives an overview of document code requirements and how to solve and prevent errors related to them
    • Assisted Completion Service: This new guide gives an overview of this newly launched service and how you can take advantage of it. Please see full details in the article below.
  1. Launch of the first guide in a new HTML format

We listened to your feedback and have launched the first guide in HTML format – a beginner’s guide to moving goods to Northern Ireland. This format should improve the searchability and navigation of the guide. 

Note: If you’d like to leave feedback on any of these changes or suggest additional improvements, you can do so using either the: 

  • Pop-up surveys that will appear on the new pages
  • Or the red feedback button on the right-hand side of the screens 
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