The Trader Support Service is continually introducing new features to enhance its support for businesses moving goods moving between Great Britain and Northern Ireland. The latest improvements will be made available from 21 June and include:

Using the two-stage process for completing declarations you provide data for the simplified frontier declaration before the goods move and for the supplementary declaration after the movement. TSS carries over the data submitted at the simplified frontier declaration stage to the supplementary declaration, where the same fields apply.

Currently, if the information you provided for the simplified frontier declaration changes by the time you complete your supplementary declaration, you need to report this to HMRC.

However, TSS will soon allow you to amend pre-submitted data when completing your supplementary declaration. TSS will also notify HMRC of any amends you make in the supplementary declaration on your behalf.

Link multiple supplementary declarations to one simplified frontier declaration
This new feature will allow traders to add multiple supplementary declarations to a single simplified frontier declaration which has been completed for a consignment. This will remove the need to raise multiple simplified frontier declarations for several goods that are moving in one consignment.

Submit an ENS safety and security declaration without a simplified frontier declaration
There are some scenarios where you may want to submit an ENS safety and security declaration for your goods movement via the TSS portal without raising an associated simplified frontier declaration.

This may be useful if you:

  • complete your simplified frontier declarations using a system outside of TSS
  • move goods for which only an oral customs declaration is allowed
  • are a haulier carrying empty containers under a contract of carriage

New guidance will soon be available on the TSS education site (NICTA) explaining these features.