You will soon be able to make payment of duty, import VAT or excise for a FFD using additional methods. These methods of payment will require you to complete some details on your company profile.

The new methods of payment will include the use of your CDS Cash Account, your own DDA, and immediate payment by electronic credit transfer. For you to use your CDS Cash Account or your own DDA for declarations through TSS, you must grant TSS authorisation to act as your representative through your CDS Dashboard.

If you are using immediate payment by electronic credit transfer as a method of payment for your FFD, you must ensure that once your declaration has arrived and has been accepted, you check your declaration in the portal to get the HMRC Payment Reference. This will be located on the Duty Line tab on the header at the bottom of the screen. This payment reference is used to complete your immediate payment by electronic credit transfer payment, CHAPS, BACS). For government guidance, refer to this page. This must be done before the goods can be granted customs clearance and moved on.

If you move goods into NI through “Air ILP” any customs debt (duty, import VAT, and/or excise) should be settled after the goods have arrived and declaration has been customs cleared. You will be able to use all three methods of payment mentioned above.

We will shortly be adding further guidance on these methods of payment in the How to make your duty payment guide on NICTA.