TSS will shortly be introducing additional methods for completing payments associated with full frontier declarations (FFD).

The following two methods of payment will be available for payments of customs duty, import VAT and/or excise duty, in addition to using your own Duty Deferment Account (DDA) for FFD, should you wish to use them:

  • immediate payments using your CDS (Customs Declaration Service) cash account – accessible through your CDS Dashboard
  • immediate payment by making an electronic credit transfer

Detailed guidance on the process for payments will be available in the trader guides for FFDs and methods of payment which will shortly be published on NICTA.

TSS recommends you take the following steps to prepare (you may consider either, or both):

  • apply for your own DDA as per previous guidance posted on NICTA (refer to the TSS Payment Guide)
  • ensure you have registered in CDS and have a CDS cash account allocated as part of the process – review this gov.uk guidance for more details about CDS cash accounts

The ‘immediate payment by making an electronic transfer’ method of payment will not require any advance preparation, provided your business already has a bank account for making payments online.