Over the coming months, seasonal festivals and events may change demand for certain goods. If you are considering changing the way you move goods between Great Britain and Northern Ireland, TSS is here to support you.

TSS can offer guidance if you plan to move more goods than normal, move goods in different combinations, or even move different types of goods. We have published tailored guidance on Northern Ireland Customs and Trade Academy (NICTA), including advice for new users.

In late October and early November, Halloween and Diwali take place in the space of a few days. If you are planning to move fireworks, you will need to consult the controlled goods guidance on the page above and for gift packs containing different classifications of product there may also be specific rules to adhere to – for example, if you are moving toys and food together.

Further ahead, you may be planning to move goods in greater quantities for the festive season. Remember that certain foodstuffs, such as packed meats and goods of plant origin, may be subject to certain additional rules. Again, please consult the published guidance.

Please also be sure to book the transport for your goods well in advance for the upcoming peak season. As always, if you have any questions or concerns, please contact the TSS Contact Centre (details at the end), and our trained customs experts will be able to assist.