If you are a haulier and you are completing multiple ENS declarations for traders, please ensure you are creating one ENS per consignment if your traders are:

  • moving different types of goods
  • not registered on TSS

For example, if you have four traders who you are collecting goods from and only two of them are registered on TSS and they are both moving different types of goods – e.g. controlled and non-controlled items – you should do the following:

  • For the registered trader moving standard goods please use the simplified declaration process whereby TSS will generate the simplified frontier declaration (SFD) using information provided for the Entry Summary (Safety and Security) declaration for this trader. You can then use the ENS Movement Reference Number (MRN) and SFD MRN (beginning GB….) provided by TSS when creating your GMR from Goods Vehicle Movement Service (GVMS)
  • For the registered trader moving controlled goods please do the same as above but select ‘controlled goods’ in the TSS portal. You will be asked to input additional data required for TSS to generate the SFD for this trader. You can then use the ENS MRN and SFD MRN (beginning 21GB….) provided by TSS when creating your GMR from GVMS
  • For the traders who are not TSS registered, please select the ‘ENS only’ option. Please check with the trader whether they are completing their import declaration (SFD or FFD) separately and ask them for the MRN. You can then use the TSS ENS MRN and the customs MRN provided by the trader when creating your additional GMR from GVMS.
  • You can then add all three MRNs into GVMS when obtaining your GMR. You will need this to board the ferry and to demonstrate compliance for the above movements. If you do not have all the required MRNs then you may be refused boarding or asked to remove consignments.

It is important to note that if your trader is not registered on TSS and isn’t completing their declaration elsewhere, they are non-compliant and you cannot move their goods into NI using any of the MRNs provided by the other traders who are being compliant.

For more information, please visit the GVMS guide on NICTA https://www.nicustomstradeacademy.co.uk/pdf/gvms-matrix-guide-hauliers/