If you are a customs agent or intermediary who provides services to traders, TSS will soon enable you to easily and conveniently complete declarations and make payments on your customer’s behalf.

You will be able to register for a new profile type which will designate you as a customs agent or intermediary. If you already have an existing profile on TSS there will be a simple process for you to convert this into the new customs agent profile. Traders will then be able to authorise you to represent them on the service to create, edit, and submit declarations and make payments on their behalf.

You will only be able to use TSS to submit declarations and make payments on behalf of your customers if they are also registered on the service. Therefore, if you intend to use TSS for your shipments from RoW-NI, you may wish to advise them to register for a TSS account if they do not already have one.

Further details will be released soon, and you do not need to take any further action at this point.