The TSS upload API automates the uploading of information that is required to update and submit several customs declarations at the same time, saving traders time by replacing the need to manually key data into the system.

This automated process is available for creating Entry Safety & Security (ENS) declarations, and the associated simplified frontier (SFD) and supplementary declarations (SD).

Several traders have already adopted the use of the upload API, developing their own systems to automatically interface with TSS.

One such trader, Lexon UK Ltd, has already seen the benefit of using the API having recently cleared a backlog of around 42,000 supplementary declarations in three days using it. Lexon UK Ltd now easily keep on top of their supplementary declaration submissions with only a short daily activity.

If you are interested in using our upload API then please review our guide explaining how to set it up and use it. You can also contact our Service Desk if you would like to discuss the new service further.

If you require any further support on the items covered in this bulletin please contact one of our TSS customs experts by calling the TSS helpline on 0800 060 8888 (from 7:30am to 10:30pm seven days a week) or by raising a case on the TSS portal.