TSS in action: ‘one little code change’ makes the difference for a NI car dealer

Eakin Bros Ltd, a car dealer based in Northern Ireland, contacted TSS for help processing their supplementary declarations through the portal last week.  

A TSS agent supported the trader by looking up the commodity codes for the goods using the ‘Northern Ireland Online Tariff’ service 

Once the agent found the correct page for the goods in the tariff checker, they opened the “import” tab and reviewed the relevant information to find that one of the codes the trader was using had an incorrect character. Once the trader used the correct code, the declaration was successfully processed. 

The trader was happy with the support provided, saying “one little code change” was all it took. 

“Printing out all the codes and guidelines, along with error code guides, is a must to help resolve issues,” said Anne Eakin, from Eakin Bros’ Claudy & Maydown dealership.  

As a result of this help their supplementary declarations were successfully completed and they are now able to use the completed submissions as a template for future goods movements. 

“Once you get a few declarations closed off, relating to different scenarios within your business, you will be fine,” Anne added.  

Remember, when inputting your supplementary declaration data into the TSS portal, you may receive error codes that you can resolve yourself – see guidance here. 

Alternatively talk to us via the TSS portal or by calling 0800 060 8888 from 7:30am to 10:30pm, seven days a week. Whatever the size of your business we will be happy to help.