Your feedback counts

Your feedback is important to us and we will continue to develop the service to enhance your experience. We have taken the following actions based on recent feedback:

  1. Simplified our explanation of ‘controlled goods’
    You told us that it was difficult to identify what we mean by controlled goods. To help you, we have included a pop-up box on the consignment information form and simplified the way we explain what controlled goods are.
  2. Made it harder to cancel declarations by mistake
    You told us that it was too easy to cancel your declarations by mistake. To help we have added a prompt for you to confirm if you intend to cancel.
  3. Added new system features
    In response to your feedback, we recently added some new features to the TSS process available to make it easier to submit declarations.

These include:

  • A way of showing movement information on your supplementary declaration. We have added a new collapsible banner that provides the reference numbers for your ENS and simplified frontier declarations along with arrival information
  • The addition of a free-text field (limited to 100 characters) for you to include additional information against your declarations as you wish
  • The ability to tell us about any processes or authorisations you are using to reduce customs duty, with improved labelling of the options available
  • The ability to recall a supplementary declaration from the ‘Pending Payment’ status back into a ‘Draft’ state so you can update the details and resubmit