As part of our ongoing commitment to support you by enhancing the TSS, we have made a number of improvements to the service. These include:

  1. Updates to the Duty Deferment Account (DDA) process allowing you to use your own DDA to pay any duty calculated on all supplementary declarations created from 10 May. Using your own DDA provides the cashflow benefit of deferring customs duty, import VAT and excise duty for an average of 30 days. An overview of the process is available here.
  2. For bulk declaration uploads, TSS has introduced an updated API. One of the new facilities allows you to use the API interface to complete supplementary declarations for both standard and controlled goods. For more information on using the API, please read this newly released functional guide and for API technical information refer to the reference guide.
  3. Various technical enhancements to improve your overall experience of managing declarations, including an ability to duplicate a previous declaration when completing repeat goods movements.
  4. New functionality to help you complete supplementary declarations. If you are adding item-level information in the supplementary declaration, the portal will use the Commodity Code and Country of (Preferential) Origin to provide personalised help text and entry suggestions for certain fields. You can find detailed guidance on the supplementary declaration process here.
    Next week’s Bulletin will focus on supplementary declarations and detail the new enhancements available to improve the submission process.
  5. New helpline option now available for Transit. Now you can talk directly to Transit experts by choosing the ‘Transit’ option 6 from the choices presented when calling the TSS service on 0800 060 8888.
    For more information on moving goods from GB to NI via Ireland you can download this guide.