For traders moving goods from GB to NI via Ireland using transit, the updated TSS Transit Service went live last month.

The new functionality includes simplified processes and new authorised consignee locations in Northern Ireland, providing you with more options to end your transit movement.

The TSS Transit Service saves you time by minimising the paperwork associated with the declaration process.

From Monday 10 May, a specialised Transit team will be available from 7:30am until 10:30pm seven days a week to support you on your Transit journeys and to deal with all your casework.

Work by this dedicated Transit team to support traders has already seen processing time fall significantly.

Now you can talk direct to these Transit experts by choosing the ‘Transit’ option from the choices presented when calling the TSS service on 0800 060 8888. For more information on moving goods from GB to NI via Ireland you can download this guide.

Hans Maessen, former chairman (2008-2016) of the Dutch Customs Brokers Association and one of the world’s leading authorities on transit, described the TSS Transit Service as:

“A highly simplified end-to-end process. It’s great to see TSS and HMRC using innovative thinking to create pragmatic solutions for traders”