The TSS upload API allows you to automate the process of creating and submitting ENS Safety and Security, simplified frontier and supplementary declarations.

Businesses that need to create larger volumes of declarations at any given time can use the TSS upload API to complete these declarations in a compliant and cost-effective way. If you are an importer with many supplementary declarations waiting to be closed, then the TSS upload API could help you get these closed faster and more reliably.

At the end of July, TSS updated the specification of the API to allow traders to automatically complete multiple supplementary declarations for the same journey. With the option to associate information from the simplified frontier declaration with multiple supplementary declarations, you will also now be able to process consignments with more than 99 goods items more easily.

Please refer to the API functional guide to get started and use the API reference guide to assist your API implementation. If you would like any further help using the API, please raise an enquiry on the TSS portal and mention API in the subject line.