Did you know you could use a customs special procedure or relief to remove, reduce or suspend your import duty liability?

This summer, TSS enhanced its support to enable you to submit full frontier declarations (FFD) for goods moving under customs special procedures. TSS will be running two webinars on the morning of Monday 20 September to help you learn how to avail of this new support.

The first 90-minute webinar at 9am will cover Returned Goods Relief (RGR), Temporary Admission (TA) and Onward Supply Relief. You can register for this webinar here.

The second webinar is at 11:30am and will cover Inward & Outward Processing (IP/OP) and moving your goods into or out of a customs or excise warehouse. You can register for this webinar here.

For more information about the special procedures we are covering in the webinars, view our Jargon Buster on the NI Customs and Trade Academy website. For more information about submitting FFDs using TSS, review this guide.