On 5 July, the Goods Vehicle Movement Service (GVMS) released new features enabling drivers to check the status of a goods movement (‘cleared’ or ‘inspection required’) in real-time and to confirm what action, if any, you need to take.

You will be told how to access these new features when you receive your Goods Movement Reference (GMR) for a particular journey.

To successfully create a GMR, please ensure you put the correct ENS Movement Reference Number (MRN) and SFD MRN into GVMS, by following these steps:

1. Enter ENS Safety and Security declaration information

You should enter the MRN received from TSS starting with “21XI”

2. Add declaration data. This is based on the types of goods you are moving:

Controlled goods: For controlled goods select ‘Customs Declaration’ and provide the MRN number from the TSS email beginning with “21GB…” – please note you will need to enter the MRN for each consignment of controlled goods on GVMS before you receive the GMR

Non-controlled: For non-controlled goods select ‘EIDR’ and provide the TSS-provided EORI reference beginning with “GB…” – only enter the EORI once for all TSS-declared consignments

If you are moving both controlled and non-controlled goods, you should follow both of the above steps.

It is crucial you use the correct references in GVMS as the ferry operator’s confirmation of the GMR acts as the trigger for TSS to begin the supplementary declaration process with your trader.

Please do not use references beginning with ENS, SFD, DEC as these are your email IDs with TSS and are not appropriate for GVMS.

For more information, please refer to the TSS user guide here ‘How to create a GMR on GVMS’.

Obtaining GMRs for goods you are declaring orally or conduct

You can obtain GMRs on GVMS for goods you are declaring orally or by conduct. This can be done for goods movements including:

  • pallets and their accessories
  • personal effects
  • sports goods
  • medical, surgical and laboratory equipment
  • reusable packaging • containers
  • radio and television production broadcasting equipment (pre-approval is required, read the form C108)

Previously, you were advised to select the “Empty” option when creating a GMR. You can now use a new option in GVMS to make “Oral or by conduct declarations” in GVMS.

If you select this option, you will be asked to confirm if you are moving goods under a contract of carriage and, if required, you will also be able to provide a ENS declaration MRN from ICS NI.

The types of goods that can be declared orally or by conduct can be found in Articles 135 to 140 of the Delegated Act.