This video details how to use TSS for moving goods directly on the Simplified Journey between Great Britain and Northern Ireland. It includes detail on completing an Entry Summary (ENS) Declaration, and how to apply and obtain the relevant EORI numbers.

Note: This video recording is accurate at the time of recording, however please refer to the written guidance on NICTA for the most up to date information.

Transcript of this video:

00:01 – [music] Welcome to the Trader Support Service. The Trader Support Service, also known as TSS, offers a simple and free-to-use service that helps you move goods from Great Britain to Northern Ireland. On the TSS digital portal, you can complete import declarations and pay any duty required. It also provides general customs training and contact centre support from customs experts. The process of moving goods directly from Great Britain to Northern Ireland can be simplified into five key steps. There are typically two people who are involved in this process, the importer and the haulier. Firstly, both the haulier and the importer need to prepare to move goods by making a one-time registration for TSS and applying for a GB EORI and, if eligible, an XI EORI number.

00:51 – Secondly, the haulier needs to complete an entry summary, safety, and security declaration, also known as an ENS declaration, on the TSS portal. The ENS provides UK customs with pre-arrival information on the goods movement. As the importer is registered with TSS, a simplified frontier declaration will be auto-generated on TSS. Thirdly, the haulier needs to generate a goods movement reference or GMR through the Goods Vehicle Movement System, a website. At the port, the haulier is required to show the ferry operator the GMR reference barcode to board the ferry. [music]

01:35 – Fourthly, once goods have arrived in Northern Ireland, the importer needs to declare imports on TSS with a supplementary declaration. HMRC uses the information submitted on this declaration to calculate whether a duty payment is required. And lastly, if required, the importer pays any duty on the goods through TSS. To find out more about TSS and the customs declarations process, visit the TSS website and the Northern Ireland Customs & Trade Academy website, also known as NICTA, where you will find links to step-by-step guides, demo videos, details of how to get help from our customs experts, and much more. [music]

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