The TSS simplified journey allows businesses to move goods from Great Britain (GB) into Northern Ireland (NI) by making a simplified declaration before the goods move and then providing the full information about the goods after they have moved. This is the most common journey on TSS and is described in the process flow below.

If you are new to TSS, we recommend starting in Getting Started, with the beginner's guide.

TSS simplified journey for goods movements from Great Britain to Northern Ireland via Roll on Roll off

Step-by-step guidance

The following guides may be helpful for each of the steps of your journey:

  1. Submit your Entry Summary Declaration - generally done by the carrier / haulier
  2. TSS generates a Simplified Frontier Declaration - generally done automatically by TSS
  3. Obtain a Goods Movement Reference - generally done by the carrier / haulier
  4. Goods are moved by the carrier / haulier
  5. Submit the Supplementary Declaration and pay any relevant duties – generally done by the trader
  6. Submit a Final Supplementary Declaration – done automatically by TSS every month

Alternative methods for moving goods from Great Britain to Northern Ireland

Alternatively, you may complete a Full Frontier Declaration to move goods into Northern Ireland.

We recommend following the TSS simplified journey specified above, but further information on the Full Frontier Declaration route can be found in the Full Frontier Declaration: Step-by-step guide.

Useful guidance

The following guides will help you move goods from Great Britain to Northern Ireland.

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