Getting Started

Welcome to the Getting Started section of the NICTA website.

The Northern Ireland Customs & Trade Academy (NICTA) is an online learning platform preparing traders for the processes involved in moving goods under the Northern Ireland Protocol.

This website hosts guidance and informational videos on how to move goods into and out of Northern Ireland.

Getting started

We recommend starting with the below guidance to familiarize yourself with the processes and requirements:

  • Read the beginner's guide for a helpful overview of the Trader Support Service (TSS) - the Portal through which traders can submit their declarations
  • Use the Trader Journey Assistant to establish which declarations and processes are relevant to your customs journey
  • View the relevant guidance on your customs journey homepage - e.g., if you are moving goods from Great Britain to Northern Ireland direct, please navigate to this page from the navigation bar at the top of the webpage, or the tiles on the NICTA homepage
  • Read the TSS Portal introduction, to make sure you know how to navigate and use the TSS Portal

These pages will give you an overview of the steps required for your goods movement, and point you to guidance that will help you complete any required declarations.

There is additional guidance below that covers each of the steps involved in greater detail.

We have now added a dedicated Windsor Framework section under a new menu heading. Its purpose is to keep you up to date with the framework's implementation, which will occur in stages through into 2025. This approach allows businesses ample time to adapt to the new arrangement. Therefore, we encourage you to regularly check this section for any news items or additional information.

Further information and support

If you require further information, please consult the TSS Contact Centre for support on 0800 060 8888.

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