Now that you have registered for the Trader Support Service (TSS), you can access short webinars on core topics relating to changes to Northern Ireland trade which took effect on 1 January 2021.

These webinars complement longer courses and how-to guides, also accessible on this website.

Updated: 22 February 2021

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Previous Webinars

How to complete the simplified frontier declaration for controlled goods

Delivered 18 February 2021

Tariffs on Goods Movements into NI

Delivered 4 February 2021

Goods movements involving Irish Ports – Transit and Indirect Exports

Delivered 3 February 2021

Supplementary declarations GB-NI – a step-by-step guide

Delivered 11 February 2021

How to prepare for your Supplementary declarations

Delivered 28 January 2021

Hauliers FAQ

Delivered during December 2020

'At risk': a short briefing

Delivered during December 2020

Lighten the load - introducing the TSS Bulk Load API

Delivered on 9 December 2020

Using GVMS for GB-to-NI and NI-to-GB movements

Delivered during November 2020

VAT & GB:NI Trade

Delivered on 18 November 2020

Introduction to XI EORI numbers

Delivered on 11 November 2020

Overview of TSS services and processes

Delivered during December 2020

Introduction to the Trader Support Service

Delivered on 19 October 2020