Now that you have registered for the Trader Support Service (TSS), you can access short webinars on core topics relating to changes to Northern Ireland trade which took effect on 1 January 2021.

These webinars complement longer courses and how-to guides, also accessible on this website.

Updated: 14 October 2021

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Previous Webinars

Part 1 – What is the UKTS and why would I want to be authorised on it?

Delivered 13 October 2021

Part 2 – Step-by-step Guide to the UKTS Online Application

Delivered 13 October 2021

Customs Special Procedures Part 1 – Return Goods Relief, Temporary Admission and Onward Supply Relief

Delivered 20 September 2021

Customs Special Procedures Part 2 – Inward Processing, Authorised Use and Customs Excise Warehouse: Entry/Exit

Delivered 20 September 2021

Tariffs on goods entering NI – what are your options?

Delivered 18 August 2021

A Guide – Return Goods Relief (RGR) and Inward Processing Relief (IPR)

Delivered 4 August 2021

Moving live animals from Great Britain into Northern Ireland

Delivered 9 June 2021

How to complete the simplified frontier declaration for controlled goods

Delivered 18 February 2021

Goods movements involving Irish Ports – Transit and Indirect Exports

Delivered 3 February 2021

Supplementary declarations GB-NI – a step-by-step guide

Delivered 11 February 2021

How to prepare for your Supplementary declarations

Delivered 28 January 2021

Hauliers FAQ

Delivered during December 2020

'At risk': a short briefing

Delivered during December 2020

Lighten the load - introducing the TSS Bulk Load API

Delivered on 9 December 2020

Using GVMS for GB-to-NI and NI-to-GB movements

Delivered during November 2020

VAT & GB:NI Trade

Delivered on 18 November 2020