Video: Introduction to error messages (duration 01:28)

Note: This video recording is accurate at the time of recording, however please refer to the written guidance on NICTA for the most up to date information.

Transcript of this video:

00:00 – When you submit an entry summary declaration, simplified frontier declaration, or supplementary declaration on the trader support service, you may get an error message if the information you input is not complete or in the right format. These error messages are also known as error codes and can be triggered by a variety of reasons, including missing information or documents. The error message contains four elements that tell you what the error is and an indication of how to fix it. The first element is the code for the error, which can be used to look up guidance. The second is a description of the error outlining what has gone wrong. The third is the location of the error where the issue can be found in the declaration. In this example, the error appears at the item level. See the reference to goods item in the third line. And the fourth is any additional information, if available. This example indicates missing additional code is specifically either [that Z?] or X451 or both. For additional information on resolving errors, you can access self-service guides available online on NICTA and Error codes can vary significantly in complexity, and you may need additional support to resolve them and complete your declaration. Reach out to the trader support service contact centre either via raising a case on the declaration or by phone.

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