Video: How to submit a supplementary declaration (duration 04:50)

This video is an end-to-end walkthrough of how to create and complete a Supplementary Declaration (SDI).

Note: This video recording is accurate at the time of recording, however please refer to the written guidance on NICTA for the most up to date information.

Transcript of this video:

00:00 – Welcome to this overview of the Trader Support Service portal and how to complete a supplementary declaration. In this video, we will take you through how to submit your supplementary declaration and how to respond to any queries once the declaration has been submitted. Before submitting the supplementary declaration, you should ensure you have considered the different options you have to pay zero tariffs. This includes declaring your goods not at risk, claiming a waiver on at-risk goods, and claiming preferential tariffs. For more details on these options and how to populate the supplementary declaration, it is recommended you review the Northern Ireland Customs & Trade Academy guide tariffs on goods movements into Northern Ireland.

00:44 – When all the details have been checked on your supplementary declaration, navigate to the bottom of the page and select the Submit button. If you have made changes in this declaration to the prefilled information inherited from the frontier declaration, then you would add the details here and select Yes. If no further changes had been made to the details, had been prefilled, then select No. A notification is presented at the top of the page to confirm the submission. If there are any queries as a result of submitting this supplementary declaration, the state is updated to Trader Input Required, and a notification is sent by email with a case reference. To communicate with the Trader Support contact centre via the portal, select Cases in the banner here, open the case from the list view, and you can type your message in here and select the Send button. Declarations awaiting further input can be found via Declarations in the banner and using the filter for input required. Open the supplementary declaration by selecting the row, and the error message will be presented to you here. Contact the Trader Support team either via the case or by phone, or refer to the data guide if you need assistance regarding these messages.

02:08 – Once the details have been updated, navigate to the bottom of the page and select the Reprocess button. To navigate back to the supplementary declaration once the Reprocess button is selected, you can select Declarations and either use the All Supplementary Declarations filter or Processing. If you have a declaration and a pending payment status, then payments will be required, and the Trader Support Service will contact you when these need to be paid. Where payments are due, then a notification will also be sent by email. To view the payments with respect to the supplementary declaration, navigate into the supplementary declaration and down the page to the Payment Summary. You can also see the details in the Duty Total tab here. If the calculation has more duty, VAT, or excise than you expected, then you can move the declaration back to draft by selecting the Recall to Draft button here. You will be asked to verify if you wish to recall this to a draft state. Selecting OK to this question will then cancel the duty calculations and return the supplementary declaration back to draft to enable further validation and amendments as required.

03:27 – Once those updates have been made to the supplementary declaration, then that draft supplementary declaration can be submitted. If there is no duty, VAT, or excise due on this specific consignment, then the supplementary declaration will be moved into a closed state, and you can view closed supplementary declarations using the All Supplementary Declarations filter or the Closed Supplementary Declarations filter. If no further action is required on the associated case raised when input was required, then you can navigate back to the cases, right mouse click on the state to filter out those that are closed, and then find the associated case relating to this supplementary declaration. You can type a message in here and select Send. But if you just want to close the case yourself, select the Closed Case button here and then confirm by selecting Closed Case. That concludes this video on how to submit a supplementary declaration. If you do require further information, then please visit the Northern Ireland Customs & Trade Academy website. There you will find further detailed guidance and support on the supplementary declaration process.

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