Video: How to create GMR using GVMS (duration 04:02)

This video instructs the trader on how to create a Goods Movement Reference (GMR) on HMRC’s GVMS platform.

Note: This video recording is accurate at the time of recording, however please refer to the written guidance on NICTA for the most up to date information.

Transcript of this video:

00:00 – Welcome to this overview of the Goods Vehicle Movement Service Portal and how to create a goods movement reference or GMR. This GMR is required to transport goods from Great Britain to Northern Ireland and includes a reference number and barcode which links together the declarations for the goods being transported. It is essential that you follow the process correctly and enter the right declarations. The GMR must be presented by the driver at the port of departure and it must be ready before they check-in. Hauliers will need one GMR per vehicle journey. To generate a GMR, you need to be registered for the service and have the associated declaration references for the goods movement. The GMR is created on the goods vehicle movement service web portal, and you will need your government gateway user ID, password, and EORI number to complete the registration. You will also need the declaration references for the goods you are moving. When using the Trader Support Service, once you have submitted the entry, safety, and security ENS declaration, you will receive your ENS and simplified frontier declaration, FFD confirmation emails that are an authorisation to move. You will need the numbers contained in these emails in order to create a GMR. Once you’ve registered for GVMS and have your declaration reference numbers, you’re ready to go.

01:29 – To create GMR, go to the GVMS web portal and scroll down and click the green Start Now button. Sign in with your government gateway user ID and password. This opens the GMR dashboard which lists all your GMRs created to date. To edit an existing draft GMR, click on the blue ID for that GMR. To create a new GMR, click on the green Create a New GMR button. Select and confirm the direction of the movement. A GMR is required for all movements on the Great Britain to Northern Ireland route and in the case of transit movements and in exceptional circumstances where export declarations are required for Northern Ireland to Great Britain route. For the purpose of this demonstration, we selected GB to NI journey, then Continue. Once the route has been confirmed here then the GMR can only be used for that route, for example, GB to NI or NI to GB. If this does need to be amended, select Change. If not, select Save and continue. This will create a draft GMR which you must then update with the information about the movement. Select Update Your Draft With More Information. Complete the details about the movement. Select the planned route and add the port of departure and arrival, then select Continue. Confirm if the driver will travel with the vehicle, then select Continue. Add the associated vehicle registration number, then Continue. Then add the trailer number or container reference numbers as required before selecting continue.

03:15 – In the next question, validate to confirm that your vehicle contains goods and Continue. Then you will need to select which declaration to add. Please follow the instructions for this step very carefully as this is where mistakes can be made in the GVMS process. You will now need the authorisation emails you received from the Trader Support Service. It will provide the movement reference number, which is an 18-character reference starting with 21 for the year 2021 or an EORI number as a reference for your GMR. You may have received one or both of these authorisation emails, as well as an entry summary notification email. Please refer to the videos on how to add a declaration to a GMR.

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