Video: Create and update an Enquiry Case (duration 02:05)

This video is a guide for all users of the portal on how to submit a query or incident relating to any aspect of the portal’s intended use.

Note: This video recording is accurate at the time of recording, however please refer to the written guidance on NICTA for the most up to date information.

Transcript of this video:

00:01 – Welcome to this overview of the Trader Support Service portal. If I navigate down the page, you’ll see you’ve got access to the training materials that are available via the Northern Ireland Customs and Trade Academy. You can get help by wri– submitting an enquiry and start a declaration.

00:18 – Selecting the “Submit Enquiry” link will take you into the enquiry page. Select the enquiry type that you have. Once you’ve added the details into the form, you can also add attachments by clicking on the paperclip icon; and once all of those details have been added, select the “Submit” button. You’ll be presented with a unique reference number for this case and the associated contact details for the team.

00:44 – To navigate back to the homepage, use the link here; select “Home” here; or click on the HM Government UK Transition logo.

00:53 – To view cases that you’ve raised, select the “Cases” section in the banner and that will present back to you all cases relating to your company. If an action is required on a case in future, select “Action Needed” and cases that you have raised, uh, will be in “My Cases”. Where you do need to provide additional information to the case or need to provide response back from action needed, then select the case reference number. That opens up the form and here, you can type your message in here and select “Send”, and that will then send another notification through to the Trader Support Service contact centre to help progress the case. Here on the right, uh, you can see the unique reference number, the category and the contact, the state, the, uh, company, and the– when it was last updated. If this case is no longer required, you can also close the case from this action at the top; and any attachments linked to the case will also be presented to you here on the bottom right.

01:57 – To navigate back, you can select “My Cases” here in the header; select the homepage; or the HM Government UK Transition logo.

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