Video: How do I finalise my GMR and print (duration 02:26)

This video instructs the trader or haulier on how to finalise and print the GMR and record for HMRC purposes.

Note: This video recording is accurate at the time of recording, however please refer to the written guidance on NICTA for the most up to date information.

Transcript of this video:

00:00 – Welcome to this overview on how to finalise your GMR and print or share the barcode with the driver. Once all of your consignment declarations have been added to the GMR, click on Continue. This enables you to check the GMR for the particular route here and that all the details have been entered. Then select Continue. The next screen enables you to review your data. If you have used a TSS reference number starting with ENS, SFD, DEC, or SUP, then these are not correct reference numbers and need to be updated with the correct declaration reference number. If you need to edit the details on this form, click on the Change to update the associated reference number. Once you have validate the data is accurate, select the Finish button. You will then receive a number and barcode. The driver must have this either printed or available on a smartphone for scanning.

01:00 – To print your GMR, select Print and Save as PDF. And that will enable you to print your GMR for the driver or save it as a PDF and send it electronically. The GMR must be presented at port of departure and be ready before the driver checks in. You can amend it right up until the driver gets to the port. The thing you can’t amend is the direction of travel, such as GB to NI or NI to GB. However, the GMR reference and barcode will stay the same even if you change or update the declarations contained within it. Once the ferry has left port, the port carrier or haulier will inform you if your goods movement has been selected for checks. In these cases, the haulier who created the GMR will be notified and should inform the driver, who must present the goods for the relevant customs controls at the port of arrival. In future, drivers will be able to check for themselves if they need to report for inspection. That concludes our overview on how to create a GMR. If you need further guidance, please refer to the GVMS user guide on the Northern Ireland Customs & Trade Academy portal. You can also call the HMRC Help Desk. If you are a frequent user of GVMS, you can find more information relating to the API on the software developer page on the HMRC website.

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