Video: TSS Portal – How to set up and update methods of payment (duration 08:34)

This is a guide to assist a trader to access and update their payment preferences on the portal, with DDA, BACS or Credit/Debit card options.

Note: This video recording is accurate at the time of recording, however please refer to the written guidance on NICTA for the most up to date information.

Transcript of this video:

00:00 – Welcome to this overview of the methods of payments available on the Trader Support Service portal. This video will go through how to set up other methods of payment and how to enact these on your TSS company profile. Please note that some of these methods of payment for payment of customs duty, import VAT, and/or excise calculated can be used on full frontier declarations only. The methods of payments exclusive to full frontier declarations are immediate payment by electronic credit transfer and CDS cash account. Supplementary declarations can use either card payment by TSS option as a method of payment, or the trader duty deferment account, also known as a DDA.

00:46 – To set up other methods of payment, log into the Trader Support Service, navigate to your company profile, and down to the methods of payment section. The DDA methods can now be used to pay customs duties, import VAT, and/or excise duty that is due on full frontier declarations and supplementary declarations. If you have a DDA suitable for use for GB to NI movements, select “Yes” in the “Do you have a valid duty deferment account?” and once selected, four additional fields will be presented. Add your duty deferment account number, often referred to as a DDAN, to this field. This is a seven-digit numeric field that was assigned when your DDA approval was accepted by HMRC. Please note this field must be completed with a valid DDAN number assigned to you. Other responses will fail the CDS validation and return an error during the payment stage of your declaration. The number here is just an example.

01:49 – Next, select either “Yes” or “No” to “Is this DDA for customs duty?” field. If your DDA only supports payment of VAT and/or excise duties, then select “No”. If your DDA is authorised for payment of customs duty, select “Yes”. When using your DDA as a method of payment for certain types of declaration, it will need to be authorised for customs duty and if not, you would need to apply for a new DDA which is authorised for customs duty. When “Yes” is selected, you’ll need to add your deferment of payment authorisation number. The format is the ISS two-digit code for the country of incorporation of your company, followed by the letters DPO and the seven-digit DDAN number.

02:39 – To authorise the Trader Support Service to use your DDA, select “Yes” here. This field has been rephrased to support the use of DDAs on full frontier declarations. Prior to confirming here, you must first have authorised the Trader Support Service to use the DDA in the CDS system through your CDS dashboard by recording the Trader Support Service EORI. The TSS EORI is presented when “Yes” is selected to the question “Do you have a valid CDS cash account?” Clicking “Guidance” here will take you to the site for detailed guidance on applying for DDAs and how to update the CDS dashboard.

03:20 – The next method of payment is the CDS cash account, also referred to as a cash account, and is new functionality available to pay customs debt in respect of full frontier declarations only. This method of payment allows an automatic and immediate charge against your CDS cash account once you have accepted the duty calculation for your full frontier declarations. Payments are progressed outside the Trader Support Service; however, if your CDS cash account does not have sufficient funds at that time, you will receive a notification from TSS and would then need to top up the balance. Further guidance is provided in the Trader Support Service payment guide on the Northern Ireland Customs and Trade Academy website.

04:08 – When answering “Yes” to “Do you have a valid CDS cash account?”, you will be asked to affirm if you authorise the Trader Support Service to use your CDS cash account as a method of payment on future full frontier declarations. Selecting “Yes” to this question presents the Trader Support Service EORI number, which is required to provide a standing authority to TSS within your CDS dashboard. This is the page where you can get access to the CDS dashboard to set up your DDA and CDS cash account for CDS use, and provide standing authority for the Trader Support Service to use your DDA as your representative. You will have to log in with your Government Gateway details. If you do not set up a standing authority on the CDS dashboard using the TSS EORI number, and if you try and submit your declaration through the Trader Support Service, your declaration will return with errors. You will therefore not be able to use your DDA or cash account as a valid method of payment.

05:12 – The next method of payment, for importer’s guarantee account, will be available in a future release and this field defaults to “No”.

05:20 – The guarantee reference number field becomes mandatory if “No” is selected for the “Are you exempt from having a guarantee reference number?” field. This is the customs comprehensive guarantee associated with your DDA. When selecting “No”, the CGU reference number is required and the format includes the two-digit country code followed by CGU, your 12-digit CGU authorisation number, and then the date and time when the authorisation was issued and notified to you by HMRC.

05:54 – Please note that if the method of payment’s details are not completed correctly as recommended in this video, or you have not added the Trader Support Service as a standing authority on the CDS dashboard for your organisation, it may not be possible for you to use those method of payments and may generate errors in declarations during the CDS validation.

06:17 – Once updates have been made to the methods of payment in your company profile, select the “Update” button on the form. You will then need to select the preferred method of payment from the selection list. This will then be the default value inserted when you create a new declaration, as appropriate for that type of declaration. Please note, this default value can be updated on the company profile at any time and on each full frontier declaration that has a draft status.

06:49 – Then select the “Update” button to save your method of payment preference. If you have correctly completed all the details for using your own DDA and the CDS cash account, both of these will appear in the selection list for a new full frontier declaration, in addition to immediate payment by electronic credit transfer. The DDA will also be an available method of payment for a supplementary declaration.

07:14 – Please note immediate payment by electronic credit transfer does not require any updates to the company profile. Using immediate payment by electronic credit transfer will generate an HMRC payment reference number on your full frontier declaration. Payment will have to be made direct to HMRC outside of the Trader Support Service portal using the unique HMRC payment reference number. This will appear on the duty total at the header level of your declaration after goods’ arrival in Northern Ireland. It is important that you complete your GVMS accurately with the FFDMRN number to trigger the arrival of roll-on, roll-off goods.

07:57 – The card payment through TSS is only available on supplementary declarations and pre-lodged full frontier declarations, although not for maritime pre-lodged full frontier declarations. If you are completing an arrived full frontier declaration, you will have access to other methods of payment, including payment by electronic credit transfer.

08:20 – That concludes this video for how to add or update the methods of payment on your company profile. Please refer to the Northern Ireland Customs and Trade Academy website for further information, guides, and other videos.

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