For time-poor traders, the most efficient way to learn how the TSS digital-first solution submits declarations on your behalf is through illustrated user guides and short videos.

Here you’ll find some downloadable, step-by-step user guides and videos explaining the processes involved.

Introduction to the Trader Support Service

This document:

  1. introduces the changes to Northern Ireland trade which took effect on 1 January 2021
  2. introduces the free-to-use Trader Support Service

Registering Your Business

Knowing how to register the company will help ensure your business continues to trade seamlessly between Great Britain and Northern Ireland now that the UK has left the EU Customs Union.

Declaration data requirements: ENS Safety & Security declarations

Entry Summary Safety and Security declarations (also called ENS declarations) are now required for all goods moved from Great Britain to Northern Ireland.

Creating ENS declarations

A set of guides and videos explaining how to use the TSS Portal to generate ENS declarations.

How to create a GMR on GVMS

A step by step guide on how to create a goods movement record following completion of an entry summary (safety and security) declaration, which hauliers must present at the port of departure.

Declaration data requirements: Supplementary declarations

Import declarations are now required for the goods you move from Great Britain to Northern Ireland.

Supplementary declarations: Guide to preparation steps

A guide on the steps that you should take to prepare for submission of Supplementary declaration information.

Supplementary declarations: how to create a Supplementary declaration for non-controlled goods

A step by step guide explaining how to use the TSS Portal to generate Supplementary declarations for non-controlled goods following standard procedures.

Tariffs on goods movements into NI

A guide supporting how to navigate Rules of Origin, how to declare your goods ‘not at-risk’ to correctly determine potential tariff liabilities and how you may potentially claim a waiver if your goods are deemed ‘at-risk’.

Guidance on controlled goods and the online tariff tool

A guide to support you in understanding how to identify whether your goods are controlled or not and determine the certificates, licences or documents required to be submitted relating to your goods.

Using Transit for moving goods from GB to NI via Ireland

A step by step guide for how to move goods from GB to NI via Ireland using Transit.

TSS Declaration: Upload API guide

The purpose of this document is to give those interested in using the Bulk Upload/API facility, background and guidance information. This has been created to support the design, development or customisation of your systems to use the API for uploading Bulk Data. Instructions for access to an environment to test against is also provided.

Merchandise in Baggage

Merchandise in Baggage are commercial goods for trade or business use where goods are carried in accompanied baggage. Import declarations are now required in order to move these goods from Great Britain to Northern Ireland.